Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You're an Idiot

 Words cut like knives, spread like cancer when they're put together badly. He's keen on words. They're his craft, his trade and when he pens them they are captivating and exciting, emotive and destructive. They hit their mark. Cause pain and joy. Such joy. She takes every word literally whether deliberate and thoughtful or chosen for effect. Oh he's good at pushing her buttons and choosing for effect. Read aloud they move her core. Make her cry, raise her hopes, evoke emotion. Then watching him read aloud, moves more than her core. That curl on the left side of his mouth, the way he licks his lip, the intonation in his voice. He could read her nursery rhymes and she'd smile that seductive smile that turns him on.

Yet when words are spoken off the cuff, he is oblivious. Mouth engages before brain and he has no concern for their impact. Carelessly tossed as last nights leftovers, all mooshed up meat and cold gravy, sometimes he's an idiot.

“I’ve upset her. She’s crying”

“Oh yeah? What did you do”

“I fired her. Not my fault she’s crying”

“Of course it is, she’s taking it personally. Did you call her into your office and explain why?”
“No, I sent her an email. I tried to telephone but she wasn’t there.”

“So you sacked a friend via email?”

“I gave her warnings, plenty of them”

You sacked her via email? You really don’t know much about friendship or women do you?”

“Fuck off!”

 "Tell her I love her"

"No, tell her yourself"

"Be on my side, keep me in sight, in mind"

'I'm your friend, of course I'm on your side"

"I'm sending an email, that'll piss her off. If I can't have her. I need her to hate me."

"What? Where's the sense in that?"

“Come sit on my throbbing cock”

Do you love me?”


“Do you like me?”


“So if you only love and like me sometimes, why on earth would I sit on your throbbing cock?"

“Because this is one of the times I like you”

He's an idiot. Just as well I love him.


  1. interesting stuff. see how we are inspired to write? the process is intriguing

  2. Too bad we don't always choose our words more carefully. Verbal abuse can be very insidious.

  3. This would only be tragic if she didn't know he could write! -J