Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beneath Orion's Belt

Knowing how to love is as elusive as the stars. They gaze upon the mortal world, some long-dead but shining still.  Some exploding with new birth, like new love, they beckon, tantalise with cold heat. Shimmering and silent.

Speak to me. Talk to me. Share with me your secrets. Talk of love and life, discord, and despair but speak. Supernova silence burns the map of her human heart.  Show me your passion and your pain. Share feelings and your angst. Talk loud, be honest, shine. But stars do not speak, nor does he. Voices muted in the void of space and time and distance. They don't.  He may well be living on a star. She no longer hears him.

If space is such a noisy place why can't she hear the stars? Why can't she hear his voice?

Moist grass, damp against her skin. She lies naked in the balmy night. Tan blinded by starshine and the gibbous moon.  Humidity oppressive, breath short and tears sliding sideways, fluid sparks pour into her ears. Lying prone, face skyward staring at the cosmos. She sees Orion's Belt but not The Plough.

Cold winter chills his exposed feet. He lies, sore and slow within the crispness of dawn. Withdrawn and sullen, insular but safe. Neglecting those who love him. Retreating in repose. Rugged up, prone on a makeshift bed. Pale skin denied sun's rays. He sees Orion's belt but not the Southern Cross.

How close they are in a universe expanding, how distant when lexicon denied. She misses his soothing voice. He is annoyed by hers.

He's lost, he's sad, he's purposeless. She is lost, she's sad, she needs to talk.

Earth turns and Solaris' light warms her body Earth turns and he nuzzles the duvet in the dark, pats his dog and sinks into selfishness.

Perhaps as night falls,  he will see Orion. Perhaps tonight he'll see the stars that shine in both hemisphere's and remember. Perhaps tonight he will choose to speak.

Posted for the Tenth Daughter of Memory "The Map Say's We're Fucked"


  1. He knows where I am, just won't talk. I am distraught. There aren't words to express how I feel

  2. No words are needed to describe how you feel. Some things are communicated by the heart.

  3. Speak! Speak! No one can read your mind! Good one, Baino!

  4. So close, so far. Give and take. Not communicating, misunderstood communication. We are all a mess. -J