Friday, September 16, 2011

I Thinkz I wrote a Poem (BLAH)

Interruptions pervade but not intended
He's irritated, she's not compliant when she drinks
She's argumentative with loosened lips but ships don't sink.
A pillow soft after a conversation forced
One psyche deluded the other clear in sobriety

"He loves me" she's knows, she hopes
"You are loved but . . ."
"Forget it" he said
 Ships don't sink
Another glass of wine, another taste divine
Euphoria to oblivion, Friday- it works
He's gone, history and she surfs
You tube . . big mistake.
Sad songs. Long songs. Mad songs. Bad songs.

Ah soporific chardonnay, her saviour, her salve
Cold gold, sates appetite and obviates solid sustenance
Except perhaps toast.
Come sail your ships around me
Take me to solid ground
"What have I become"
She doesn't know, he doesn't care
Safe harbours, closed ports
But it's all smooth sailing
"People aren't mysteries"

She wants to be.

For John . . Wherever you are.