Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Fallen Beginning

Continued from: If I Could See People's Fears 

 The announcement that their mother had departed, unannounced and without warning devastated young Carl who retreated into his own private world. His sister, was less surprised. She'd witnessed the discord to which her younger sibling had been oblivious. Many arguments had taken place at night, beginning with pillow talk, then the muffled voices elevating to muffled anger in the room above her bedroom. She'd cover her head with her pillow to drown out the sounds of conversations she shouldn't hear, but couldn't help wanting to hear.

"Who is he?" her father would interrogate, as her mother's footsteps paced up and down the floorboards above her. "What's his name? What's he got that I haven't?"

The discussions were not so loud as to disturb the children but firm and frightening never the less.

"Wolf. Don't do this!" Her mother would retort and plead, "Just don't. You know why. We were never 'in love' in the first place. I was young, you were stupid...we both were stupid. It was convenient, we only married to get me into the country, then...I didn't mean to get pregnant. I didn't mean to have anything more than a convenient relationship. I never meant for any of this!"

"What about the kids?"

She could hear the dejection in his voice. He was a good man, a solid man, a hard working man. Leisl's ears pricked as she removed the pillow and edged closer to the bedroom door, the sounds above oozing through the cracks like crude and drowning her in suffocating sludge.

"We only married because of Leisl. It was a stop-gap at best. I tried, I really tried but I just can't do it any more." The sound of her mother's sobs punctuated by a slap and a short audible wince.

She, she? Was she the cause of all this? Leisl sank to her knees and began to sob. Her mother didn't love her. Love was all she held for this woman who had been there for her every triumph, her every failure. The woman who enveloped her, doted on her. The woman who's European beauty she wanted to emulate. The woman she wanted to be in just a few years time. Elegant, stylish . . .a woman who drew stares and attention. The woman who styled her hair, complemented her looks, taught her how to dress, apply make-up. Being attractive was important to her mother, herself a beauty, trapped in the role of wife, strangled by the role of mother. They were more like sisters. Or so Leisl had come to believe. Was it all a sham? All a faux display of affection?

The departure of her mother was the beginning of a slide into drunkenness for Wolf, a signal for change in Carl, and a spiralling into insecurity for Leisl. The beginning of a journey to find herself through spurious means. The beginning of obsession, neediness and an overwhelming desire to be loved. As her mother blamed Leisl for the devastation of her marriage, Leisl blamed her mother for a series of failed relationships and awkward fumbles. Leisl blamed her mother for her promiscuousness, her loneliness. Leisl blamed her father for allowing her mother to leave, for his weakness and lack of intestinal fortitude, for not loving her enough. It became her mission to find love in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons.

After the announcement, she dealt with the news by seeking affection elsewhere. The first of her 16 year-old crushes, was Mal Steadman. She had no trouble gaining his interest. A glance in class, a bend over a dropped book, a sideways smile, the bite of a bottom lip. He noticed her but said nothing.

A shallow but handsome youth, two years her senior, Steadman played Aussie Rules and trained each Tuesday and Thursday after school. With her mother no longer at home, a father working until late, all she had to do was turn up at footy training with her entourage of hangers-on.  She'd put Carl on the bus as usual but didn't accompany him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

"You'll be fine!" she reassured him as she pushed him up the steps. "Just go home, I'll be home in a bit."

The crestfallen look on his face didn't faze her. She needed something, love, affection, attention. She couldn't put her finger on it but the need burned like a lit cigarette against her sternum, distracting her from any sense of guilt in ushering her younger brother onto the bus. His protestations and tears at first, soon gave way to reluctant resignation and he complied.

She'd sit on the steel bench, facing the oval while Steadman and his team practised drop kicks and scissor steps. She'd place herself strategically on the sun-warmed aluminium bench, legs spread just a little so that when he bent exhausted, hands on his knees, he had a good view if he glanced sideways. For a while, he never did. But after seeing her there for a third training session, he tilted his head towards her. Her intentions were clear, or so he thought.

Post session, he walked over.

"Hey, you're Leisl Stensl right?" His skin was tanned and glistening. Sweat discolouration on the chest of his grey T-shirt testimony to the evening heat and the intensity of the training session.

"I am," she replied, crossing shapely tanned legs and leaning forward, elbow on her knee, hand on her chin to reveal a tantalising lace trim enveloping shapely breasts for a girl her age. "And you?"

"Mal...Mal Steadman. We're in the same PE class.  What you doin' here?"

"Missed my bus again, just biding time waiting for the next."

Her head tilts provocatively. She's not sure where she learned these wiles but they came with ease. Too much television perhaps, too many romantic novels, instinct, need. However, she learned, she was good at engaging the attention of boys, and deliciously tempting.

"It's getting dark. The buses only run every hour after six. I have a car, I can drop you?"

Bingo! The invitation was worth watching three nights of training. This would be it, this would be the one who would take her, love her, be with her. She could hardly contain her excitement.

The 20 minute trip seemed to last for hours. He flirted, chatted, talked AFL and of being 'someone' in the game once he was scouted. She feigned interest and waxed lyrical about passes and athleticism. He complemented her looks, her legs, her pretty face. She put her hand beneath his thigh as they pulled up outside her house.

"Can I see you again?" The question now moot, Steadman was confident of a positive response.

She planted a firm kiss on the third eye spot on his forehead, "Of course, Friday night? "

He took his face in her hands and kissed her gently on the mouth. The blood rushed to places she'd only felt herself, before she pulled away, slid seductively from the car and peered from a closing door, "See you Friday, 7pm."

The relationship, if you could call it that, was brief. She lost her virginity that night with little persuasion from Mal. The 'date', if you could call it that, was little more than a park by the oval. A quick fumble and a premature ejaculation. The discomfort of dampness and the sound of him pulling up his pants and zipping them in the driver's seat. No picnic, no banter, just disappointment.  He never as much as called her after that. She phoned, left messages, pleaded on Facebook. He never answered her calls and ultimately unfriended her. She challenged him in the corridor at school, he pushed her aside. 

"Leave it slut!" He'd barked, then vulgarly gesticulated with gyrating hips to the giggling bunch of boys forming his entourage as they disappeared into the gym locker room.

"So what was she like?" Errol McIntyre had little chance of finding out himself. The acne pocked youth with a bum-fluff chin relied on Internet porn and glossy magazines in a quiet bathroom for his jollies.

"Awesome." Mal, again gesticulating with his hand against his left cheek, his tongue extending a penile simulation in his right.

"She went down on  you?"

"Several times before we fucked like rabbits! You should have a crack, she's got great tits!"

The boys laugh and in unison raised their hands in a triumphant high five,  "Yeh, love to tap that!"

Less than a month later, Mal Steadman had made the news. Not as an upcoming AFL star but as a cold corpse in a body bag. Found in his father's garage, the engine of the car running as monoxide fumes curled from the narrow gap beneath a locked roller door, as menacing as the boy's own last breath. A note was found grasped tight in his hand with just two words scrawled and barely identifiable:

"I'm sorry."

By the time she was 22, Leisl's string of failed relationships had little impact on her heart. She was oblivious to the disparagement levelled by others. Even her reputation as the 'town bike', was unknown to her. Sex was just a way of proving she loved, proving she had value. Her body was a weapon and she used it to seduce and attract, but rarely to sustain. She would gain affection through any means possible. Attracting men had never been a problem, her figure now well curved in contrast to it's girlish form during high school, she took good care of herself. She attended a gym regularly, cared for her complexion. Dressed neatly if not a little seductively and valued her shining hair and flawless skin. Her hazel eyes wide and always lined with a smudge of kohl and lashings of mascara drew men in, as did her lips, her hips, her ease within their embrace. She was a 'hot chick'. But men only needed such a woman for one thing. Her conversation was often vacuous, her lack of academic ability blatant. She'd never grown out of the 16 year old, despite now owning the body of a fully-fledged siren.

A string of disappointing romances were not her fault, or so she had convinced herself. She was unlucky and just chose the wrong men. Users, abusers, those who thought her needy, stupid or both. She, in her own mind was neither. The right one would come, soon. She just had to keep the faith, remain tanned, taught and attractive. Yes, the right one would come soon enough, even if it was from unexpected quarters.


Now a hair stylist in her hometown salon, she'd mastered the art of gossip with patrons, read enough magazines to know which celebrities were doing what, been to enough clubs to know the moves, the drinks and the pick-up lines. Allowed enough men to touch and violate her body to 'work the room'. Had enough Facebook friends to sate the quiet nights at home and to flirt outrageously online. And there was Carl. She always had Carl. He was her rock, always there when she needed him.

"So how come a pretty girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend?" Mrs Slater, a regular at the salon asked, without really caring about the answer.

"Oh I have boyfriends, they just don't seem to last. My first, committed suicide."  Leisl states blandly without expression. "The second had a terrible car accident and is virtually a vegetable. There have been a few in between but they're gone now. There was a babe a few months back that I really thought was 'the one' but, he just got what he wanted and left. Broke my heart actually. He joined the Army and was killed in Afghanistan." 

The expression on her face barely noticeable as her wide smile admired her own handiwork.

Her client's ears pricked, "Really? Oh my, that's so sad, just awful! What was his name?"

Leisl remained unfazed, unmoved, "Do you want a fringe or shall I sweep it to the side?"

Mrs Slater continued, "My son is in Afghanistan, he's coming home next week. Where did your sweetheart serve?"

"Oh, I can't remember the name. I can't even say those foreign city's names."

Mrs Slater began to reel off some of the allied bases in that God forsaken place, "Tarin Kowt, Shah Wali Kot, Asad, Kandahar?"

Leisl, gave a blind stare into the mirror, avoiding her client's gaze. 

"I really don't know. So what's your son doing there?"

The line of questioning diverted, Mrs Slater continued to chat away about her son and his military service. The  words bounced around the curls being trimmed making no impact on her stylist who was totally absorbed in the aesthetic.

"That's nice..." is all Leisl volunteered. "Would you like it blow dried?" 

Leg-sore, emotional and tired with the day's interrogations. Leisl opens the front door to her father's house where she, and a now grown Carl remain.

"Anyone home?"

Carl calls out from the TV room and promptly shuts off  Call of Duty Special Ops, the light of his life has returned and she takes precedence - over everything.

"Here, in the family room!" Carl rises, wearing board shorts, his newly chiseled body rippling with muscle and sun kissed skin.

She finds him standing and as he moves to embrace her, she bursts into tears. 

"Fuck Carl! What's wrong with me? Why can't I keep a man? Why do they run, die, disappear?"

He folds her in his now well-muscled arms. At 18, he's grown some in height and regular work-outs at the gym have seen him develop significantly in stature. Still baby-faced with an awkward lop sided smile. He's cute with piercing green/hazel eyes and tightly cropped blonde hair. His skin smelling sweet from a recent shower, he kisses her tenderly on her neck.  A little too tenderly but they're close and she doesn't mind.

"Hush now, you'll find the one. Soon, I promise. Until then, you always have me." 

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